About Us

The Tunejji Show is  reality TV show that aims at scouting, inspiring, building and promoting awesome and exceptional talents in Nigeria and the world at large.

Talents are precious and of extreme value God and hence it is important that these talents are managed with such understanding. A lot of people are gifted with amazing talents but are not able to manage these talents and be productive. This is either because;

– They are not able to recognize it

– They lack knowledge of it’s value

– They don’t know how to manage it

– They lack inspiration/motivation

– They are in an environment that doesn’t appreciate their talent

– They lack opportunities to cultivate their talents

– The lack platforms to express their talents, and a lot more.

Talents that are well cultured and managed could bring about great impact in our societies today. And this is why The Tunejji Show was birthed, to raise talents that will cause an impact in their world

Showing on MITV (Startimes Channel 119)

on Fridays 19:30 – 20:00 GMT +1

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