MY GREAT LOVE by Oreoluwa Adeleye


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Loving you has no expiration
Hating you is an abomination
Leaving you is like procrastination
Hurting you is like exploitation
With you, it’s sensation
Even without interaction,
In you, I put all my admiration
Your determination caught my attention
Darling, you’re an exception
You’re my inspiration,
With you, I feel radiation
Without you, it’s intoxication
I love you beyond your imagination.


instagram: @official_dammyy

Oreoluwa Adeleye is a 17 year old reserved and intelligent writer. She is the first born of a family of five. She lost her father at age eleven but that never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She isn’t a writer who focuses on just one aspect of writing, she is into general writing. Although, she has passion for writing generally, she has her favorites which come naturally without much effort; story writing and poetry. She hopes to heal souls with every word of her works and encourage other young writers with the same dream. She has written about ten unpublished story books and  hopes to write more and publish them all. She is an exceptional teenager!

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