ILLUSION by Samuel Adeniran


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I L L U S I O N 

He never planned on loving again or wanted to love again,Buh he found her and she gave him reasons too,days turned to weeks and weeks turned to a month and still got him thinking and feeling happy . ( I L L U S I O N )

All he felt was pure happiness that He never imagined he could feel,ignoring all the bullshit talks and still loving her more ,Moments came when He was alone and he would smile to himself,friends would say He’s  getting crazy ,not knowing that she was the reason he smiled every day, she gave him all he could never ask,not even from anyone,irrespective of the fact that for a while He wasn’t sure bout what was going on ,he still lived in the doubt which gradually turned to ️ not knowing it was all an I L L U S I O N

Distance came knocking,Buh he never wanted it to be a problem,tried all He could to push it down,He never knew that He was the only one having that fight .

They met once more and all He could imagine or see was better days ahead with her .But slowly things turned cold .

Patiently was he trying to heat things up,and make shit better,regardless of the fact that he didn’t know what was going on .


but basically it was all frozen ,then the heat he put to it ,melted the whole thing away .

Hope still had it’s atoms inside of him,and he used the last drops ,all to no avail as shit turned worse .

He felt her sliding off his skin ,as sweat would roll down his skin.


Nevertheless did he know she was already far gone 

Illusions were all He had and also held on too .

But illusions aren’t real that’s why she didn’t stay.

Broken before but broken again. 🤧.

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