Made in Nigeria by Glorious Kate A.

Like flowery icing on a birthday cake,
So is “Made in China”, attracting a Nigerian
Attention like “shit” attracts the company of houseflies.

Like flowery icing on a birthday cake,
So is made in china on the label of an “Aba” product.
See how much affection is spilled on “shinko”
to the detriment of our indigenous beauty.

So what brings our glory to the corridors of insecurity?
We notoriously itch for growth but at the sight of sprouts,
we lift hypocritical fingers and uproot our progress
into a cage of nothings.

Like a newborn in dire need of colostrum,
So is “Made in Nigeria”,
yearning for the satisfying taste of recognition it deserves,
yet begs for and rarely gets.

-Glorious K. Akpegah

•Shit- a slang for faeces. •Aba- a commercial town in eastern Nigeria. •Shinko- a slang in pidgin english to describe products made in china.


Glorious Kate Akpegah, also known with the pen name GKA, is a Poet, writer and a 400L medical student of the prestigious University of Calabar, Calabar. She has been published on the electronic anthology by medics PETALS AND PITFALLS. Born in Kuje, Abuja, she hails from Obudu L.G.A of cross river State. She enjoys sharing her poems via instagram @Mak8ficient. Glorious hopes to change lives not only with drugs but with words.

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