A Letter to Love, Life and Death by Glorious Kate A.

A Letter to Love, Life and Death

To Love,
you are the third side of the coin
and those who cannot see this side sing you an
elegy composed with high notes of hate.
lead these voices that sing you elegies to eternal quietness,
elude their notes in low key so that the other two sides,
life and death, be meaningful.

Only those who inhale the gas
of love have truly lived.
So to life, I ask you live long in
those who go about wearing a gas mask
maybe time will penetrate their skin
with the delirium of love.

To death,
sometimes, you come to a stick fight
with a grenade and such militancy have we
granted amnesty to, since our strength
is nothing but a wimpy one.
we hold your grin with no surprises when you
visit a bed with love, because love tastes like ‘abacha’ made with ‘utazi’.
remember that love never dies, these words only speak of your defeat.

-Glorious Kate Akpegah

Footnotes: abacha- also called African salad, made from cassava, common among the igbos
Utazi- a vegetable with bitter taste.

About Writer

Glorious Kate Akpegah, also known with the pen name GKA, is a Poet, writer and a 400L medical student of the prestigious University of Calabar, Calabar. She has been published on the electronic anthology by medics PETALS AND PITFALLS. Born in Kuje, Abuja, she hails from Obudu L.G.A of cross river State. She enjoys sharing her poems via instagram @Mak8ficient. Glorious hopes to change lives not only with drugs but with words.

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