Daddy, It’s Me by Jaynebri


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Do you recognize me? I lost my crown,

He tore my royal robe and pushed me into the mud,

I can’t recognize me anymore, do you?

I tried coming home, I felt too dirty to.

Daddy, it’s me.

Can you hear me? I lost my authority and voice,

I know you warned against him, I disobeyed,

I lost the authority you gave me over him.

Once I tried exercising this authority, I crashed.

Daddy, it’s me.

Do you still love me? I lost my love self;

I know you conquered him for me, he called you enemy;

I still sneaked out of your arm to meet him;

What he offered seemed attractive, I was beguiled.

Daddy, it’s me.

Will you forgive me? I have fallen too deep;

Can you look at Me again? I’ve lost it all;

I played the harlot with the one who betrayed you;

The devil has nothing to offer, now I know.

Daddy, it’s me.

Do you see this? I lack insight;

It’s your child yearning to return with no clue how to;

I’ve fallen too much, I’ve missed the map, it’s wrecked.

It’s your child undeserving of Your grace freely given.


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