Keep Moving by Attah Victoria


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It’s deadly, It’s dangerous,Was purely invented to endanger us,It may not seem so now, but don’t forget,It’s real,And like a diabetic sore it doesn’t always heal,A scary arrow we should beware of,It’s a tranquilizer that takes years to wear off,It keeps you there,Trapped in illusions of self satisfaction,Smeared with delusions so you shelf you actions,It leaves you bare,And freed from the hustle we all tread,Your life becomes a repetition of hard lies,You raised the stakes, laze, pride, your new allies,Quick to gloat,Mr Ambassador for past glory, enemy of growth,You continue everyday in this same place,“I’ll do it later” is your super phrase,But you are in the race,Moving on and nowhere with zero pace,To Grace, you become yesterday’s testament,Of shame, you adorn today’s garment,Of Hope, you are tomorrow’s predicament,Oh fool! when will ye be wise? Proverbs asks,Baba doesn’t need a curriculum vitae to endorse us,If not our sins would make a pretty bad CV,So don’t hold back,Take a step forward from where you are,Take a swing upwards to raise the axe,The laborers are few,And that includes you,Because the sharpest if abandoned becomes blunt,And if you are useless another He’ll appoint,Remember, It’s a race,And you are not running if you remain at a point.


Attah Victoria ojochide, was born and raised in kogi states, she’s studying accounting at the kogi states university 300L, she lives in kabba, Victoria  is a motivational speaker and a prolific writer, started writing at age 7, she’s a cofounder of driven by purpose platform where she stands to teach people to become a chance influencer, many life has been inspired through her writing’s she stands to be a role model for many youths in d society today…….she’s currently writing her first motivational book titled FREEDOM TO FAIL.

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