Mummy is a liar by Peter Oviawe


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I am the last of four children from a poor family. I always had a mental picture of my mum, I still remember, ever so vividly, i could never forget,even to this day the memory still comes. Mummy worked as a tailor,She worked harder, with us as a reminder.She comes home with body pains and headaches,Still, she always went to the kitchen to make supper.I begged her to rest but she always said “I am not tired and the food is almost ready “.
One day I fell sick and had to stay home for a month.Mummy took ill too, but she sat by my sickbed, singing and taking care of me. When I asked her if she was better she said ” it’s a slight headache nothing more, try and get some sleep”.
Whenever mummy brought home her meagre salary, she made sure we had a good meal but when I asked “mummy won’t you eat? ” She said ” I am not hungry, eat up dear”.
I am a man now and anytime I visit mummy she smiles and still struggles to cook for me.When I beg her to eat out she says “it’s OK, its just a little food”.  
Mummy never told me about the pills I saw by her bed side. She never told me about the sleepless nights and bleary days. She never talked about the way her own body had betrayed her. Mummy had been diagnosed with multiple organ failure.
Admitted and bedridden, I slept by her side in the hospital on Friday. She woke up, deep into the night and covered me with her blanket. I asked why, she said ” the blanket makes me hot and it’s itchy”.
I smiled and told her to hold on a little more, I haven’t given her a grandson yet. She smiled and said “Always, my son. I have nowhere else to go”.
Today is Saturday; I decided to help clean mummy’s place so I left the hospital.I started with the parlour, and was working on the window pane when my phone rang me back to reality; It was big Sis, she started with a soft and shaky voice, “mummy has left us”.
My head went blank and my mouth dry. Mummy promised me… Mummy is a liar.

Dedicated to;Mrs Taiwo Ojomoh 
By Peter Tosin Oviawe 

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Peter Osasenaga Oviawe, is a Nigerian who hails from Benin city, in Edo state. Peter is a 400 level Medical student, of the prestigious university of Benin. He has since affiliated him self with some groups, who hold the same aims as he does. Few examples are; The authors ink, writers touch Etc. He hopes to touch as many lives his words can reach.Peter started writing since 2015 and has so far released few poems and articles in relation to issues arising in our modern day society, amongst which are; A SACRED WHORE, A CURE FOR DEPRESSION  etc. Peters works are a blend of facts and fantasy, where there is always a true story behind every work shared. Peter Oviawe is currently working on an article about politics and the ricochet of love. Peter Oviawe lives in Benin city, Edo state.

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