Ese’s Innocence by Peter Oviawe


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Ese never knew sex,Ese never liked sex ,Ese thought life was black and white,Ese thought in life you avoid the wrongs,Ese was probably right .

Ese made friends,Ese was never scared of sexuality ,Ese was a good Girl ,Ese fought for sexual equity.
Ese was invited to a party,Ese  loved the music,Ese never drank,Ese was just alright.
Ese went to see a friend,Ese frequented his place,Ese felt comfortable around him,Ese calls him case (Casey )
With her normal jeans,Ese was Looking smart,With her pink sleeves,Ese finished her outfit ,With everything but a colorant.
A knock on the door,Greeted with smiles and a handshake,Ese walked into the parlour floor Sat at the extreme of the 3 sitter.
The film playing had been advertised for long The film playing was all she longed.The film playing was “thieves on the run”.
He drew closer,As he increased the volume,She didn’t know it was to drown her scorn.
Ese begged him to stop;But it only made him want it more .Ese felt the sharp pain,She saw her innocence roll downTo the floor pane.
Ese felt dirty,Ese Left his house,Feeling worse with each step.Ese rushed into the bathroom,Ese scrubbed his smell of her.
She scrubbed so much her skin peeled, She still couldn’t get him out,Ese cried so loud,Ese was all alone in that pain.
Ese is strong,She stomached the pain,If she told anyone about it,They will say she is to blame.
It was the perfect time of the month,Ese thought she was late,Ese gave it two days, but that turned into eight.
Ese has brought shame to her family,She asked God for grace. Ese couldn’t take it,She said she learnt her lesson.
Ese couldn’t let her parents find out,Ese couldn’t bear the look on their faces. Ese took the other road,Ese got some drugs.
Now we are here for Ese,Autopsy said she over dosed,While childing a one month old.
I saw this story in Ese’s Diary.Why live a life,Just to cause another perils,Take a stand,#End Rape is a rising demand,Let’s shine the light.

By Peter Oviawe +2349096591585


Peter Osasenaga Oviawe, is a Nigerian who hails from Benin city, in Edo state. Peter is a 400 level Medical student, of the prestigious university of Benin. He has since affiliated him self with some groups, who hold the same aims as he does. Few examples are; The authors ink, writers touch Etc. He hopes to touch as many lives his words can reach.Peter started writing since 2015 and has so far released few poems and articles in relation to issues arising in our modern day society, amongst which are; A SACRED WHORE, A CURE FOR DEPRESSION  etc. Peters works are a blend of facts and fantasy, where there is always a true story behind every work shared. Peter Oviawe is currently working on an article about politics and the ricochet of love. Peter Oviawe lives in Benin city, Edo state.

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