What Business does God have with IVF? – Bisi Alimi’s reaction to Funke Akindele’s Twins Delivery



Bisi Alimi, Nigerian controversial gay rights activist,   airs his opinion after the wide spread news of Funke Akindele‘s twins and how Nigerian’s react in gratitude to God. 

Funke Akindele received a set of twins in far away US after loosing a set of twins during pregnancy over a year ago as reported earlier yesterday on The Tunejji Show.

The Internet has been enthusiastically gushing with joy as Nigerians and fellow well wishers have been congratulating the family of Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz had been bubbling with joy over the delivery of the twins and several others have taken to social media to thank God for the special gift but not withstanding, Bisi Alimi felt God deserves no gratitude or credit and shouldn’t be involved. Mr Alimi who wondered why Nigerians will be thanking God over an IVF process, took to Facebook to ask ‘What has God got to do with IVF?’.

“A woman gave birth through IVF in Nigeria and everyone, including the so called intellectual are busy thanking god. What has god got to do with IVF?”

“I am going to make additional post about the IVF case and I will shut up. I have seen reactions from a lot of Nigerians about the case of Funke and God’s intervention and after really trying to understand the thinking behind it, I came to this conclusion, and I think it will be the same conclusion you will come to, if this process of reasoning is adopted scientifically.”

“Interaction with an issue normalises it. What do I mean by that? So I live in a country where there are increasing numbers of kids born via IVF. It is not strange and it is not a big deal.” Alimi shared on Facebook.

By Tunji Ojediran

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