A LETTER TO HIM by Ifetola Patricia


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You know, I was told in my elementary school that for a letter to be called a letter, it has to possess a proper address or addresses, a proper salutation and probably, a proper handwriting. But as for me, I have chosen to write to you without those features. I mean, I don’t even know you yet, so why should I let a stranger know my address? Tell me, what else would I have written if not “Dear you”?


Lately, I have been thinking. Really thinking. About existence. About purpose. About hard work. About laughter. About you. I thought about existence and realised that I exist also because of you. I thought about purpose and realised that there is a purpose for which I was created as a woman (a man with a womb). I thought about hard work and also realised that I have to work hard on my personality so I could be that perfect woman for you. I thought about laughter and realised that a future without laughter is a deadly one. Then, I thought about you and realized that although nothing scares me more than the future, but a future without you is the scariest.


I have travelled through many roads and you might be familiar with some of them.. The painful road of hardship and difficulty, the road of betrayal, the road of depression, and of course, that popular road of loneliness. So you see, I have travelled round the world and beyond. However, one thing is sure. I want to travel through other roads with you alone by my side. Those unknown roads that eyes have neither seen nor ears have heard. That road of unexplainable ecstasy, that road of bliss and comfort, that road where you and I can build our admirable empire.


I must confess, that I am not much of an attractive woman with a good body (please bear with me). Sometimes, I don’t even know the right colours to combine as an outfit. A times, I eat too much that I almost become over weight, but I still do not aspire to be big, fat, and ugly. I aspire to be that perfect fleshy sculpture you would adore forever. I do not care about what the society thinks of an ideal man; I only want an appeal to echo from your eloquence. I want to be left astonished by your intelligence. I want the whole world to marvel at the glory of your kind heart. I want you to be my only emperor.


I do not care what this generation thinks of an ideal intimacy; all I want to do is lay by your side while we share dreams and aspirations. I want to open up to you like the morning flower and share my whole thoughts and emotions with you. I want our success story to be our bed time stories. Some days, I want to kiss your lips and talk all through the night.


I read the holy book of Psalms and a verse told me that, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it….” I do not have that ability to make you a perfect man but I know a supreme being up there who has all the ability in the world to make you that perfect man I would love to pray with in my closet.


Please, come be my solace. Come be my Jewel of inestimable value. Come be the father of my  blissful children. Come grow old with me.


P.S: are those too much to ask?


Yours in love.


Ifetola Patricia Ojo is a 25 years old writer, who is also self employed.

Instagram: @ifetola_Patricia
Twitter: @patriciaojoblog
Facebook: Ifetola Patricia Ojo

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