WHO I AM by Precious Aham


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Me, myself, and I had a meeting at a round table.

Dressed in costumes, and full faced masks,

we were lost in our self designed shells.

We knew not why the meeting was called.

We knew not who called the meeting.

However, we all knew why we were present.


We had reached our peak of self deceit,

and grown tired of the pretense.

The facade could no longer feed

our hunger for perfection.

We wanted something better.

We wanted something real.


As we sit together

one facing the other,

one by one we pull off our mask.

Me pulls vanity.

Myself, judgement

And I, well I steps out from behind the cyber avatar.


We are not lost anymore.

We are all naked,

but yet we’ve never felt so covered

We merge to I, as the meeting comes to an end.


Who I am has never been clearer.

I am flawed and broken.

I am designed with scars of past mistakes.

But I am beautiful in my weakness.

Strong at my lowest.

Who I am is imperfect perfection.



Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog  Intheoutsider.wordpress.com. She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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