WEED by Precious Aham


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You told me it would make me feel good

Take me to heights never reached

Keep me fly

You promised it would take the pain away

Numb me to the point I wouldn’t’t feel the hurt that comes with existence

‘Dance with me’ you said

‘Join me on this groove of life’

‘Let me make it easy’

You said with that seductive scent

‘Let me show you just how fun life is

Under the rainbow lights’


Like a moth to a flame I was drawn

How could I resist such a honey coated deal

How could I say no to what seemed to be the

Answer to everything.

I wasted no time

Clinging desperately to the tree

Inhaling the heady scent

Of the poisonous perfume.


You however, forget to warn me

of the crash when the joint burns out.

You forgot to warn me that I needed more of you

To survive.

You forgot to warn you that I would

Become your slave.





Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog  Intheoutsider.wordpress.com. She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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