GLOW by Precious Aham


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How can they look at you? How can they look at you and not see it? That glow! Sure it’s a bit dimmed by hardship and constant struggle, but it is still there. Evident in that one genuine smile you allow yourself enjoy. Lingering behind that stubborn push against life’s battles. Clear as day in that battered, pain filled face. Is it not proof enough; the fact that you can get up each day and survive let downs, disappointments, pain, fruitless efforts, and so many other demons? The light is in you. Do not fight it by thinking otherwise. Do not quench it by surrendering. Rather keep it lit by determination, hope, courage, and so many more positives available at your disposal. Let the light lead you out of the dark tunnel that only seeks to pull you deeper…



Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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