BEAUTIFUL YOU by Gbadegesin Adedoja


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“we are all beautiful creatures, a great piece of art”.

I commute to work daily in public bus, it’s never convenient but I shouldn’t complain since I don’t have my own car.

I often sit beside the window, this is to compensate for the uncomfortable seats in the bus, at least I ll get to see what goes on in a motion.

This morning I saw an art shop, with a lot of beautiful pieces on display, I was awed at the sight of the collection. The bus had stopped to carry a passenger so I got a good look at the paintings on display, my eyes caught a very hideous painting and I gave it a long and scrutinizing look, it was only hideous at a glance, the piece was a merger of beautiful colours, brilliant ideas strung into just one piece, at that moment, I decided never to judge at a glance.

I got distracted when the bus moved all of a sudden and it shook its contents which happens to be us passengers. With this movement, I was thrown off balance and I hit my head on the window sill. I let out a solemn shrill and my neighbor’s baby told me sorry by waving her small hand at me. She was such a beautiful child, my heart melted and I gave her my warmest smile, she returned the smile with a toothless grin. The communication was so perfect that I felt so sweet from within me. I looked at the pretty child and wondered how much pain she caused her mother while coming into this world, yet after her arrival, she smiled and watched her grow. To think this creature came with the most excruciating pain ever and can still make my heart melt this much. Is this another deception? An hideous piece of art, yet beautiful within.

My new friend got distracted so I moved my gaze back to the window, I realized I still have a long way to go, we sped past shops and offices, market places and noisy areas and I didn’t see anything of great importance until I realized I wasn’t looking at the beauty closest to me. The greatest deception of all times, the most beautiful creature in a room full of art. You!…I didn’t see you maybe because you are the closest to me, the last I would think of. You just have to know this, with all the flaws and the imperfections, you should know that, there are no limits to what you can achieve because you are very beautiful and you have my heart always.

Yours Ash’abi


Adedoja Gbadegesin; a girl as tall as the length of time and a skin the colour of the night. She is a graduate of sociology from the promising Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria. She currently serving her father land in kwara state as a graduate assistant in the University of ilorin.
Adedoja is a down to earth girl that grew up in oyo town, oyo state. She is driven with the principle of “do unto others as you want to be done to you!”
As a very conscious individual of both the people and the society at large she loves to muse once in a while about life, love and persons.
Adedoja has an eye for very fine things, says why she has interest in fine men too (everybody likes good things afterall).
Alas! She has her flaws but she loves deeply and as such is prone to heart breaks, ( a victim of Game of thrones constant heartbreaks).
For a girl that loves to write. She has a number of write up to her name. She is always thirsty for writing and reading. She is open to corrections and learning at all times.
Certainly! For a lover of words, this is not enough to describe the kind of person she is. She can be reached through the following social media platforms

IG: @ash_abie_ade

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