REALITY by Precious Ahams


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She asked me to tell her a story.

I asked what kind?

She said of romance and fairy tale, princes and second chances.

I was envious of her,

because she still hovered around a dream

While I was a prisoner to reality.


She asked me to show her the light.

Convinced the dark was not the lead.

‘The Glow’ she said ‘is all I see’

I smiled at her.

How do I tell her that I am far from the light?

and the glow, is her own reflection.


Now shes away from me,

and the requests have stopped.

She seeks no more of love and the sun.

Like me she is drained and beaten.

Sentenced to reality,

shes duller than I was.



Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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