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I felt a lump in my left breast a month to my 22nd birthday! It is scary yeah!!! Well, at first and all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. What ifs and what ifs!. .

This isn’t the first setback in my life! I lost my only sister to childbirth complications and I haven’t come to terms with that when I noticed the lump has grown harder and painful!

I know I deserve more than pity and I cry myself to sleep every night.

When I lost my sister! I slit my wrists hoping to die too, she was all I had and all I ever wanted to be. I wasn’t thinking. I just needed a break from this life. My parents found me and made me promise never to do that again!

I moved on going about my daily routines, living this life but nothing seems to work out well for me.

I am goaded with failed relationships with men and yet I fall in love all the same!

My tears are always flowing at night and all I wanna do is cry and cry.

My worries are too much my worries are overwhelming. No one can understand. My roommate is just a naive little thing who cannot understand a bit of what I am going through.

So this girl said to me:

Worry and tears would not solve a thing!

Nobody’s life will be perfect. We can never have a perfect life. Our soul will always be troubled. Our hearts will never get its wants. We won’t ever be genuinely happy. It won’t ever be easy.  A part of us will be really sad. Worrying about it is a total waste. Crying over it is not the healing. Just live the life you have, make good use of every living part of you. Don’t stress yourself over things you can’t change. Stop the tears! It won’t help!



Adedoja Gbadegesin; a girl as tall as the length of time and a skin the colour of the night. She is a graduate of sociology from the promising Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria. She currently serving her father land in kwara state as a graduate assistant in the University of ilorin.
Adedoja is a down to earth girl that grew up in oyo town, oyo state. She is driven with the principle of “do unto others as you want to be done to you!”
As a very conscious individual of both the people and the society at large she loves to muse once in a while about life, love and persons.
Adedoja has an eye for very fine things, says why she has interest in fine men too (everybody likes good things afterall).
Alas! She has her flaws but she loves deeply and as such is prone to heart breaks, ( a victim of Game of thrones constant heartbreaks).
For a girl that loves to write. She has a number of write up to her name. She is always thirsty for writing and reading. She is open to corrections and learning at all times.
Certainly! For a lover of words, this is not enough to describe the kind of person she is. She can be reached through the following social media platforms

IG: @ash_abie_ade

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