The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 10)


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Chief Kosoko was the most cheerful man in the village of Idan

Or so the people thought, An overly generous man.
But perhaps, He just stole their hearts with his gifts and charming smile
The Children loved him, you could tell by the way they trooped behind him
And how joyfully they sang his praises, when He took his evening strolls
The pocket of his Buba was a candy store, there was always enough to go round
But there were skeletons in his cupboard, if only they knew
The evil that men do, dark secrets beneath the moon

Olajide sat withdrawn, alone under the mango tree
His legs still vibrating from the excruciating pain that churned from his bosom
Candy and cowries in his pockets but  tears rolled down through to the corner of his lips
The sour taste was a fraction compared to the hate he  now felt
For the one man he’d always held in awe the most reverred Angel of Idan
How could he explain to this people? that their knight in shining armour
Was  a child molesting monster with a charming smile and candy filled pocket.



Emmanuel Makinde hails from Oyo State,  Nigeria. He’s a student of Applied Geology, Federal University, Akure. Writing, to him, has always been a way to express his deepest feelings and to challenge the consciousness of other people towards various topical issues in our Society, ‘Time passes but word’s never die ‘. Beyond writing, He’s also an Events decorator and a leisure nature photographer.

Instagram: @keamono
Twitter: @Keamberlite 

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