The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 9)


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I want to be your obsession, your muse.

The first you text in the morning,

the friend you don’t ever want to lose.

One who knows the naked corners of your heart, the blemishes your skin conceal.

Your greatest fears, the fantasies that excite you.

A soulmate, a companion.

I’ll hold you firm like a pillar, I’ll brighten your soul like a fila.

Lets run away at sunrise, lets make wishes while we count the lost stars at mid-night.

Be my sweetheart, my mistress.

Lean on my shoulder when you are in distress.

Let your heart crave mine like newborn infants crave milk.

And If I cant have you forever, atleast the memories would create sweet melodies my soul can dance to.

Effa Owai


Effa Ukam Owai studied Management Information System in Covenant University. He is a writer, spoken word poet, a visionary, unlicensed therapist and motivational speaker. He is keenly interested in art and its various forms. Twenty one years old and still on the path to self-discovery.

Instagram : effatheexception


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