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How can I let myself be dragged down, stepped upon, ripped apart, when victory flows through me and chants my name. Life is not without challenges and trails, its own little way of waking us all up from our deep fictional slumber. We are weighed down with responsibilities, pushed by defeats, limited by poverty. We are soaked in the pool of our tears and stuffed with the broken pieces of our dreams. We are made to believe that we are not beyond ourselves and are limited by our minds that have been fashioned to expect and aim for so little, we are seen as less than by our own eyes, reflecting what the world has made us to believe. Our strengths drained from us and given to our fruitless efforts, to sip, savoring our determination and struggle. Taking pleasure in the thought that it has brought us to our knees, and finally buried us in our pain. Life is laughing at us; it points its fingers in mockery dipping our heads in, aiming to drown us in its hardship, frustration, bitterness, sorrow, and its dreadful hatred.
But that’s the thing about us; we were not created to keep our backs to the ground, to let our discharged tears flow without reason. We were made to be warriors, victors of our own rights, figures to be respected and believed in. We were made to be great, strong and beyond permanent defeat, made to fight till our very last. We do not succumb to the harshness around us or bow to the trails that stab our souls, weakening us, granted, but never for long, not when we still breathe and a flicker of light is till so well visible. So let the world give its best shot, let it fire its arrows without a single miss, we’ll absorb the pain and turn it to a healing aid, let it push us and keep pushing till our backs break the wall and there’s no other thing holding us back. Let it drag us down till there’s nowhere else to go but up. Let it tear us apart, destroy our defenses so we can pick the pieces and build a stronger hold.
Stand up! Dust yourselves up and keep going, even when the wind of failure blows so hard and harshly, keep going, even when the voices in your head tell you it’s over and there is no more energy left to fight, make use of the last drops and make something of yourself. When your body has become a drawback let your soul take the lead, let it take charge of the body that hesitates and drive towards that victory that is evidently ours. You are not to lay on your back anymore and watch as your internal city falls to the ground, nothing is above you, nor is it greater, every adversity faced was fashioned to be conquered by you and you alone, so do not make the mistake of switching the roles and victimizing yourself.
Break the chains that have bonded you to your afflictions, there is a Samson in you anxious to burst out and set their tails on fire. Smile when all around you draw out your tears, stand when your legs are broken and rendered useless, run when your wounds aim to make you crawl, live when all around you reeks of death. Look yourself in the mirror each day and remind yourself of the strength that courses through you, renewed by each pump of your chest. And each time life wants to make a feast of you, and eat up all that makes you who you are rise above it and be the single red rose in a bush of thorns.

Precious Ahams


Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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