The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 5)


The Writers Hub


We were born two
A taboo
Even on our first night we didn’t lay in a room
For our parents were afraid,  lest we bring ruin
And so in haste we were taken to a forest called evil
And abandoned to the earth and the devil
In the terrible darkness filled with eerie sounds
Our cries brought before us a red-eyed hound
And with it a stillness broken only by guttural growls
Oh a day young and dead already,  never to go
With teeth bared and a hungry belly we were sniffed
Fresh young buds ready to be nipped
But in a twist of nature
The hound had the urge to nuture
So we the abandoned,  became children of the wild
And our skins turned to hide
And on certain nights we howl in laughter at the moon
In sympathy for these human fools
Who were give a brain to govern
But chose rather,  to grovel
At the heels of superstition
And Ill religion.
Firima Benedict is a 25 years old writer and Student who lives in Rivers State.
Facebook: Benedict Firima
Instagram: @benedictfirima

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