The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 4)


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Baby Listen,
I know that a lot of people see you as handsome and fine,
But they don’t see the tears behind those cute eyes,
And all the hurt,
They don’t even know how many times you’ve needed to start all over,
I understand, I really do.
Baby Listen,
To the voices in your head,
The ones that tells you never to give up,
I know you’ve got big dreams, everyone dreams after all,
I know you’re tired, tired of listening to the same things over and again,
I know your questions are unending.
But Baby Listen,
I know you’re strong, stronger than you could ever imagine,
I know it’s tough,
But I never want you to be rough,
Even though it’s hard,
I want you to be able to take on the world, even if it means taking it alone.
Baby Listen,
I want you to know that you’re creativity in all forms,
That you’re unique, and you do not have to be the same as others,
That you have a good heart, and that’s all that matters,
That in the end, goodness will always end up with good people.
Baby Listen,
Listen to my heart, and listen to yours,
Listen to my messages, and all the love it harbours,
Listen to the silence that speaks louder than thunder when we’re together,
Listen to the melody in my eyes, that says ‘i care about you’,
Understand my every touch that says ‘forget about the past’.
Now Listen,
I want you to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day,
That you’ll overcome your biggest fears,
That the beats of your success will be everlasting,
That this isn’t just a talk to make you feel better,
That the best will happen real soon.
I want you to believe,to have faith, ’cause when hope lives, dreams come alive,
Baby, yours and my belief in yourself, is more than enough to keep you going.
   ©Aisha Giwa(Elegant pen)
Aisha Giwa, also known as Elegant Pen, is an aspirant of the university of Ilorin. She graduated from Nasrullah schools. She has other interests apart from the science world, as she dives into the world of poetry and arts. She has written several literary works, as she hopes to do more in the future.
Instagram: @_elegantpen
Facebook: Aisha Bint Ma’ruph

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