The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 3)


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Living in the prime of our youth
Faced with choices and decisions to make that could ultimately alter our future;
Walking on life’s path with its numerous twists and turns with no compass to direct our path.
Laddened with the burden to surpass the expectations of our parents who have sacrificed a whole lot to make us who we are and to be the kind of person they want us to be;
With the burden to become great and imprint our names in the sands of time.
Haunted by the fear of failure and a life of mediocrity, the fear of not creating a change in our generations.
Tasked with finding the balance between the social, religious, educational and emotional aspects of life.
Taunted with the vices, lusts and trend of the present day and expected to overcome with garments pure like the saints.
Starring at the mirror and not recognizing ourselves because we’re blinded by who the world wants us to be and who we really are.
Entrusted to carry on the will of a better future to the nations and generations yet unborn and between right and wrong to rightly choose.
Expected to learn from the mistakes of our predecessors thus denying us the chance of learning first hand from experience.
Well It’s time we stop living for others and start living for ourselves and be who we want to be, take charge of our future and stop staring at the reflection the mirror of life shows to us.

Auctor’s Ink


I’m Promise Chinasa, Ekejiuba aka Auctors Ink is a 300level Medical Biochemistry Student of the University of Benin. He writes stories, poems and articles in his spare time and it serves as a mirror of the thoughts in his head.

Twitter: @official_cnass
Facebook: Promise Cnass Ekejiuba


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