The Writers Hub September Contest (Entry 2)


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We all have soft spot for one Celebrity or the other, particularly the ones we love; we justify whatever they do, even when we know the slightest info/ truth about them through social media. It baffles me the way some people fight for their most celebrated Celebrity.
No critics for anyone looking up to a celebrity, but just a quick one; the celebrity you look up to is hoping for a greater life, why don’t you take a chill pill and stop pressuring, I understand we all have the projection to grow from a great fan to the great individual.
I so much love the spirit of fandom but in a realistic way, I won’t be part of it if you lose focus in growing you as Brand. Like we all know keep grinding in positivity.
Some things that comes to my mind is the fact that it is not everyone that will be privilege to be a celebrity even majority envy their life but I need y’all to know a whole lot of price has to come with fame. (Ain’t a celebrity yet)
For those aspiring to be a celebrity, do what makes you worthy of being a celebrity positively, I love positivity; your voice will definitely come to the listening ear of your most celebrated celebrity.
For all the celebrities out there, your fandom is on the high side. Tons of love for all the upcoming celebrities and all the made celebrities
NB; No lies am a fan of every king’s woman out there.



Awoyele Oladoyin is a 19years old upcoming writer and student.

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