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We tend to bury ourselves within the mask we have carved out, modified images of ourselves, carefully designed mask, colorful, purposely crafted to conceal all scars, all wounds, and all hurts gathered over the years. The masks are set ever smiling, never flinching, flawless. We wear these masks so often that we have forgotten what we really look like, we have lost touch of true reality, and spend our time in the world our able minds have created for us. We are no more than actors on a stage play that is our life, so lost in the role that we have become the characters, forgetting that every play must come to an end. These masks have taken control of us so deep with its claws that we find it hard to pull it off, when we finally see no use for it, but that’s the thing- we realize too late that it never does us much good, but rather pulls us farther awayfromwhoweare.
Behind the mask that we have welded so much power, is a beauty so raw, so pure, and characterized with pain, hurt, struggle, and strength. A beauty neglected and shoved behind cyber costumes, a beauty smolders and dimmed, replaced by fakes and illusions, a beauty at war with the clone not up to its standards. That beauty is our true form, special, great, radiating royalty. It’s high time we all bring down our masks and embrace our real selves for who we are and who we can be; it’s time we stop hiding behind shaky walls that can only last for so long. What’s the point of owning everlasting beauty if it’s going to be withdrawn from the world?
Beauty goes behold the right touch of makeup and the coolest haircut, it’s beyond the flashiest clothes or the finest of bodies, the beauty in question is you, not your physical form but your soul, a beauty more intangible than tangible. That part of you that shines in ever smile or laughter, that seeks strength in ever tear or hopelessness, that side that is drawn to goodness, it’s the vulnerable side that believes in happy ever after, the side that gives a 100% no holding back. It’s the side we have termed weak forgetting that our greatest weakness is also our greatest strength.
So lets carry along with us this thought when we make the move to put on this masks and drive ourselves into hiding ‘there is no mask that can compare to our natural aesthetic.’

Precious Ahams


Precious Ahams is a 17 years old student of covenant university, studying mass communication. She has a blog She writes poetry, short stories, and articles and she’s really passionate about her writing.

Instagram: @queen_ahams

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