IMPERIAL LEATHER by Adedoja Gbadegesin


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Beneath a sheet of tough skin, my brother
I told the one with a colored face not to bother
I know all he knows is how to make borders
And set relations ablaze and put asunder
His royal, most civilized
You are highly modernized
And none of your assets are improvised
What do I call you…westernized?

Papa told me, daughter we were beautiful
Our culture, the art and life was very wonderful
Until u came in pale skin and turned us into thews
Like play like play we turned to fools
Handing you our carves, our brass and even food

Of the royalties and imperial majesties
With pride of the esteemed indigenes
On the soil with enriched beauties and bounties
You lied, you stole, you looted and impoverished
And you left the land bare of its history
Handing us a gory highlight of the past,
Leading us into a confused future.

I have been wondering why our fathers were so nice
that they didn’t roll you down the hills of Idanre
nor did they strike with thunder like Sango would have done
they didn’t drown in the rivers of Osun
they didn’t inflict you with Sanponna

Instead they fed your malnourished bellies
with food fruits and incredible recipes
You claim to have educated us
with your language, which was only necessary for to communicate with us.
And you claim to have clothed us,
You mean when you removed our decency
And left us trotting the streets like tattered wanderers
Did u forget we own dignity and honor
unlike you who lack decency and a culture.
that’s why you can’t compare your pale skinnies
with my complete set dark skin beauties
That her figure shouts eight
And you are like in a haste to taste
Would you like to catch him in a race?
Smart man, no time; with strong legs and stance
Beware o white ass
I am the black horse
My skin gleams and shines brighter than you future
I am your nemesis
I am the promise that was kept
Arise thou imperial
Dissuade the inferior mindset
The thickheaded one with an ashy skin knows not your worth
Show him you are much and more
Though he his modern
He knows not the age of modernity.
I am the imperial leather that tells you I am more than what meets the eye.

yours Adedoja Rekiat.




Adedoja Gbadegesin; a girl as tall as the length of time and a skin the colour of the night. She is a graduate of sociology from the promising Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria. She currently serving her father land in kwara state as a graduate assistant in the University of ilorin.
Adedoja is a down to earth girl that grew up in oyo town, oyo state. She is driven with the principle of “do unto others as you want to be done to you!”
As a very conscious individual of both the people and the society at large she loves to muse once in a while about life, love and persons.
Adedoja has an eye for very fine things, says why she has interest in fine men too (everybody likes good things afterall).
Alas! She has her flaws but she loves deeply and as such is prone to heart breaks, ( a victim of Game of thrones constant heartbreaks).
For a girl that loves to write. She has a number of write up to her name. She is always thirsty for writing and reading. She is open to corrections and learning at all times.
Certainly! For a lover of words, this is not enough to describe the kind of person she is. She can be reached through the following social media platforms
IG: @ash_abie_ade

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