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As a child,
Ada was told she would grow up to be the pride of her motherland
And mighty on her life was God’s hand .
She embraced those words
And prepared to have a beautiful life and rule her world.

Her grandmother she was told had been captured into slavery
And in England her mother was born in 1959,
But returned back to her country in 1960,
There her mother had a child in 1979 who was brutally murdered
And God mercifully blessed her mother with her in 1999

She grew up so fast becoming a beautiful woman
While girls her age were still being girls
And the boys clearly refusing to be men
So she had to be a source of light ght to the girls and the boy men

The beauty of her mum
Had flowed into this vessel of a girl
And wherever she turned to
Eyes were on her.
She was like the wedding cake, everyone wanted a SLICE.
And the party rice you wanted even when you had a better meal at home.

Her potential was clearly seen
And soon many suitors began to walk up to her
Painful thing was,…
Most of these men were the same men that dated her mother .
And because the men her age wouldn’t grow up
she settled for some of them

And they each took turns
And thwarted the growth of this flower that was destined for the sun
She would be 19 this year and
Next year she will be finally ready to get married.
But she has suffered so much in the hands of men
Some ,who took her innocence and smashed it against the wall
Now she is laughed at and mocked at by her peers.

She had to settle for some of the older men for survival

Though they had good intentions
Time has passed them by and will the young men finally see her beyond the sex object they think she is
And settle for something more with her

And Will you elders let her be and settle for someone her age, with fresh ideas and energy to make her all the woman she was meant to be

Ada is Nigeria.

And though I want her to settle for someone her age,
Not everyone will her age will be worthy of her come next year.

Israel Light.



Isa Ricky Israel is a creative writer and content developer. He does not just write, he is the words of love, mercy and grace in motion.
Outside of writing he loves to watch people and nature.
IG: Israel_light13
Twitter: Israel_light13

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