The Writers Hub August Contest (Entry 7)


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It rained on our special day, and i got banana leaf to keep us from the rain.

I picked this up because i know i do not want you all soaked.

I could still see patches of rain drops on you, but we made fun of it.

Nothing can put out this fire that this day has ignited in my heart.


It was so wet but we made it dry and colorful as a team.

I don’t want to have another team other than you.

If you will not go with me, i rather not go at all.

Right here and by you i rather stay wet or dry.

Our hearts will light us some fire to keep us dry.


Together we will take on the world in both wet and dry seasons.

Patches of darkness might pull up; but once have I almost let you slide away.

Lesson learnt; actions will speak more than these words I write.

Together we will take on the world in both wet and dry seasons.

Let’s go light up some fire.



Michael Apeleokha is a graduate of French Language from the University of Benin. Benin City. He hails from Edo State but grew up in Warri, Delta State. Where is widely believe “Warri nor dey carry last, worse case na draw”. This largely formed his character in been resilient and determined.

Michael is a writer and a social media content creator. His write ups are basically on love and social awareness issues. He is passionate about maximizing his full potentials in the arts and social media space. He is also a singer cum song writer.  And loves to create something out of nothing.

Instagram @ewea_kael

Tweeter @ewea_kael

Facebook @Michael Ewea Apeleokha

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