The Writers Hub August Contest (Entry 2)


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I began the race for Freedom,
I cut the ropes of depression that bound me,
I began to run from the demons that haunted me,
I tore from the grip of the suicidal thoughts that drove me mad.
I drew a tattoo to conceal the ligature marks that once defined me,
With tattered clothes I ran,
With sores under my feet, I persisted.
Now that I am free,
I still hear voices, still dream of the darkness, and I still itch my tattoos.
So now I wonder,
Is freedom really free or just a lie.
` SeyiF



My name is Abisola Eboda and I am a writer. I write mostly poetry. Poetry to me is my weapon, it is something I have a passion for. I have the ability to form words and create a story and also to communicate my soul to people.

IG: @bass_fenty

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