The Writers Hub August Contest (Entry 1)


The Writers Hub


1.The beautiful moments became memories in my heart,
wished it could be forever.
But that’s just a selfish reason,
life got to take her course.
Days will pass and those beautiful moments;
the soft smiles, giggling and happy moments will be gone.
They become memories that are forever stayed in the heart but lost in the head.

2.My heart is troubled and aching
Not cos of love this time
Cos that’s hurt, pain and torment.
Troubled; with the thoughts of life
Came into this world innocent
Got dreams, places to explore.
But this life ain’t sweet as it seems
So I’ll rather merry and drink the moments
Catch the fun and get lost in music
The rhythm of life
The sound of its trouble
The echo it makes, resounding.
My heart is heavy.
My mind is here and there. But things ain’t complicated
Is it just me or Life.

3.They call it love, I tell them it burns the heart.
They say it’s sweet, I tell them it hurts when broken

They say it’s an adventure, but I had an accident once.
They say I should I enter its pool, but I don’t want to drown.
We all get the sensational feeling, but I have learned to switch attention.
I love and feel loved. I got feelings but I killed the emotions.



I am Oyalana Tomi, a 500level  student of Metallurgy and material engineering , Federal University of technology akure.

Writing is a passion, something I enjoy doing.
it is a way for me to express the deepest thoughts and feelings about my life. I believe writing to be the only way to express my emotions which I can’t say to the world.
IG- Tomilayoemmanuel
Twitter- @Femicrypto1

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