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She loves the sea, but she has never seen one, I met her on a day the sun was having a great time. She is the kind of girl that only sees chocolate wraps but never tasted one; she has that kind of hair that knots from lack of combing.
You see! She told me something that stuck to my ear like leech. She said “this life isn’t happy but I am happy, I feel like I m being unfair to life. Most people say life is unfair, I think that is untrue, they do so many things with life, most often they own it, waste it and when their action backfires, life becomes the guilty one.” She tapped my knee and that brought me back from my reverie, this girl sees more than the trees ahead of us. I looked at her on the sand we both sat on, and it all seemed so perfect. She told me all she wanted from me was love! “Sweets and biscuits are like temporary happiness”
The way she uses her words amazes me, I found life in the heart of a girl. The way she throws stones at the lizard is so heartwarming that I start to wish I were a girl again.
Ashy, (like she calls me) “Mamie said I should try not to dream because it will give her night mares”, “darling,” I said; “she cannot afford the kinds of dreams you will have” she smiled and looked ahead.
I know not what she thought. What a company to keep on a Sunday afternoon. She is that type of girl that other girls think is dirty, weak and not fun. I love the friend I found in her, we talk and I love our talks.
Ash_abie ade


Adedoja Gbadegesin; a girl as tall as the length of time and a skin the colour of the night. She is a graduate of sociology from the promising Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria. She currently serving her father land in kwara state as a graduate assistant in the University of ilorin.
Adedoja is a down to earth girl that grew up in oyo town, oyo state. She is driven with the principle of “do unto others as you want to be done to you!”
As a very conscious individual of both the people and the society at large she loves to muse once in a while about life, love and persons.
Adedoja has an eye for very fine things, says why she has interest in fine men too (everybody likes good things afterall).
Alas! She has her flaws but she loves deeply and as such is prone to heart breaks, ( a victim of Game of thrones constant heartbreaks).
For a girl that loves to write. She has a number of write up to her name. She is always thirsty for writing and reading. She is open to corrections and learning at all times.
Certainly! For a lover of words, this is not enough to describe the kind of person she is. She can be reached through the following social media platforms
IG: @ash_abie_ade

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