The Tunejji Show launches new categories

Bringing to you the best contents that will keep you inspired motivated and ready for the next phase has always been our motive. The Tunejji Show introduces new categories that will keep you thrilled, excited and motivated. Below is a list of newly introduced categories:



Everyday Greatness with Dilianne is a dream that became a reality on 1st January, 2018. It features men and women achieving great thing in their field of specialization and areas of gifting. It has successfully featured over fifty people, ranging from business entrepreneurs, and has cut across the fashion, modeling, photography, banking, comedy and music industries.

It gives a deep insight into how these entrepreneurs started, and also provides a stepping stone which sets people who intend to go into such industries light years ahead of their peers.

Everyday greatness with Dilianne recently partnered with “the Tunejji show” and plans on launching its very own show in the nearest future.

About Dilianne:

Miss Anne Obode was born in Ikeja, lagos state on 25th October, 1996. She attended Novena University, Ogume, Delta state, where she studied Biochemistry.

After her National Youth Service at Federal University of Technology, Minna in 2017, she started her blog (Everyday Greatness with Dilianne) on 1st of January, 2017.



Street Drill with La Banj aims at reaching out to multiple talents out there, with great potentials to be next level TV hosts. In this category, we combine humor and insights to educate and raise next level TV Hosts/presenters.


Right here, we bring to you the top trending music from all genres from all varieties of artist. We focus mainly on promoting healthy competition among upcoming talents as well, and hence giving them a platform that will give them and their music a status of relevance in the society in the midst of seemingly non-forthcoming opportunities.

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