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The Battles


Tunez Sessions (The Battles) hosted by The Tunejji Show is the growing fast into being one of the biggest online talent contest. This show is basically targeted at scouting for real talent. We are more concerned at getting the best and bringing the best out of them. The search for that unique act with what it takes to deliver and rock the world around them.

The Battles is open to all, as long as they feel they have what it takes to take over and make the internet rave. All auditions and performances are run online using the social media as the stage. What makes it even more exciting is that, all talent acts have the freedom of auditioning without the presence of physical judges, hence all form of unnecessary tension is nothing to worry about in early stages.

The show begins with the general auditions which stays open for a period of time after which entries are closed; Every registered act is expected to upload an audition entry to the social media network requested by the show. Talents are selected from each category based on their performance. These talents are invited to our studio, paired up in twos to battle live on TV. After which they’re voted for by the general public.

The winner is chosen based on our judges’ final say.
The first and second runner ups are chosen based on the voting polls

We go through all these processes because we are determined to bring out the best from the very best. Through tight scrutiny we find out who has the talent, the determination and the character to be our STAR!

Winner bags a million naira promotional deal.

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